Family Law

Jay Law Corporation also specialises in Family Law such as adoptions, family violence, maintenance, probate and youth court matters, in addition to divorce.


Our lawyers have a deep understanding of Family Law. Beyond assisting our clients throughout the trials and tribulations of their proceedings, we also ensure that our clients have been addressed of any underlying issues and needs, providing them reference to the appropriate professionals such as family service centres, local police, crisis shelters or psychologists where necessary.


The non-exhaustive list of our areas in Family Law practice within Singapore is as follows:

  • Personal protection order
  • Deed of separation
  • Annulment of marriage
  • Divorce proceedings
  • International divorce
  • Division of matrimonial assets
  • Maintenance of spouse
  • Maintenance of child
  • Child-related matters (adoption, custody, support, care & protection)
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Marital/ Post-nuptial agreement
  • Wills & Probate

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